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    unknown-user on #167413

    Hi every one,

    Im preparing two of my favorite pieces, “Fantasie in C moll” by
    Sphor and “Fantasie pour Solo Harp” by Saent Seans (sp?) For youth
    orchestra auditions for: The New England Conservatory Preparatory
    School, GBYSO, and Longy school of music youth orchestras. This
    question is directed toward any one in the Boston area who knows of
    any youth orchestras that might be ideal to audition for.

    Can any one help? thanks!


    unknown-user on #167414

    This is not meant in any mean sort of way, but in case you have to fill out forms for auditions and applications, you must spell correctly, especially composer’s names. Besides looking at the music, you should have music dictionary that lists composer’s names so you can familiarize yourself with them. You want to appear literate and up to whatever tasks you’re facing. You might want to have a couple of cadenzas prepared like the Nutcracker and Capriccio Espagnole just in case you have the chance to play one. They may test your sight-reading as well.

    unknown-user on #167415

    thankyou very much but ive been in orchestras for nearly 4 years, and im well aware that i need to sightread, and SPELL correctly. And just for the record, I mispelled saint-saens becuase i was asking a simple question, and didnt feel the need to run downstairs and check my music to make sure i was spelling this persons name correctly.

    any one who wants to HELP me is welcomed to

    carl-swanson on #167416

    Steve- Please don’t take this personally.

    unknown-user on #167417

    When on the internet, no, I don’t bother (and MANY OTHER people don’t bother) making a thread look like it’s worthy of being on a Havard application. It’s simply a casual thing. But now it has directed some attention, I guess I will have to.

    alexander-rider on #167418

    Steven, I think it would be unwise to take any of the above criticisms personally. Just remember that all criticisms here are meant purely for constructive purposes, not to make you feel or look bad. When somone gives you a criticism, no matter how insignificant it may seem then you must take it with good grace. Doing otherwise WILL make you look bad.

    unknown-user on #167419

    Okay every one, I have an idea!

    I’m not trying to be bitter with anyone, honestly- I’m not that kind of person! Sorry to Carl or Saul if it sounded a bit sour of me… looking back at the thread it sort of was! Haha, sorry guys :-)

    My idea is…

    If there’s ever some sort of issue you’d like to address that isn’t related to my question, just e-mail me. :-) And we can avoid this whole conspiracy. Happy day!

    Deal? :-)

    anita-burroughs-price on #167420

    In North Carolina, the teachers receive letters asking us to recommend pupils for auditions. Does your teacher have leads? Also our symphony has three training orchestras. Perhaps one of your orchestras has an affiliation/educational program.

    I’m glad you realize that many people are here to help you reach the next stage of your development and to help you move forward to your fullest potential. Sometimes the details are what stick in the mind of an examining committee. To many judges, it suggests the degree of respect for the event or for the process.
    Good luck and welcome to training as an orchestral player. We’re pulling for you!

    Anita Burroughs-Price
    Principal Harp, NC Symphony

    unknown-user on #167421

    I thought it was clear that I brought up the punktuation n stuff it were because when auditioning, everything gets considerd; If you play with the same brilliance as the next harpist and they typed their application and you for example, hand-wrote it, they might choose the other harpist. You mentioned the orchestras I always heard about from Boston. The music teacher in your school or the school district music department should have a complete list, I would think. Good luck.

    unknown-user on #167422

    Hi! I think that it is really funny what the people write about punctuation on a harp site. I’m 15 years old and I play the harp since one and a half year. At the moment I’m practising Mozarts harp concert. Did you play the cadence of the second phrase Adantino? I would be glad if you write back.

    unknown-user on #167423

    I completely aggree with you Christina. The only thing is, I don’t think “funny” is the word. Oh well.

    Hey, that’s great that you’re already working on some, “Serious Harp Rep” after just playing one and-a-half years! I play a cadenza by Carl Reincke (sp?) for each movement of the Mozart. It’s nice, becuase there’s so much flute in the actual composition itself, and Reincke’s cadenzas really lets the harp shine (I played the Mozart Concerto with orchestra this past summer, and played the Reincke Cadenzas).

    S M on #167424

    Where do you guys find all these cadenzas, concertos, and other pieces?

    unknown-user on #167425


    It’s really not a matter of finding repertoire and playing it, it’s a matter of getting involved with orchestras/ensembles/recitals/etc that require to learn the repertoire. So get off your bum and audition for an orchestra. :-) Kidding, kidding. How old are you anyhow? If your interested in youth orchestras (if you’re pre-college age) then go on and search “youth orchestras in _______ (your state)”. That’s what I did, and that’s how I first learned about NEC when I was about 11 (New England Conservartory… where I’ve been doing a big part of my orchestra playing these days). I’d strongly encourage you to do a youth orchestra, it’s a whole lot more fun than playing alone!!! :-D

    Best regards,

    S M on #167426

    I thought maybe that was it. We do have a youth orchestra around here, but I don’t know how to audition or what playing in one involves.

    unknown-user on #167427

    Call them! E-mail them! Send letters to them! Harrass the living daylights out of them! Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but maybe you should call them and inquire about auditioning. And if you can’t find a telephone number to contact them with, then find out the rehearsal times, and have a chat with the conductor after one of the rehearsals. If they don’t have any info for you, then I’m sure they can lead you to a different orchestra. Maybe you should try a community orchestra? I play flute and piccolo with a community band over the summer, and it’s great fun!! :-)

    Best luck! Let us know how it turns out! :-)


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