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    unknown-user on #167583

    I was just wondering what youth orchestras anyone was in.
    I’m in the Protege Philharmonic in Chicago.

    unknown-user on #167584

    Hey Emily,

    As you could probly tell if you look a few questions down to “GBYSO MEMBER RIGHT HERE< BABY!!!", I am quite happy to have been invited to be the principal harpist of the junior repetory orchestra in GBYSO. In addition, In the summer, I also go to the New England Conservatory of Music for a two week program called the Youth Festival Orchestra. In it, we have only 2 weeks to prepare a full concert with pretty advanced repertoire. of course, it isnt as hard on the harpists because they dont play in every peice. In addition to orchestra music in the Youth Festival Orhcestra (or YFO) they also have the orchestr divide into groups of like 3 or 4 to play chamber music. This year, I played a duet with the other harpist-

    unknown-user on #167585

    I was in Granite Youth Symphony. It was freaking cool! I hope you can be in many more!

    laura-palmieri on #167586

    I’ve been a part of the Oakland Youth Orchestra for 4 years and love it! Sad to say though that next year will be my last year in the Orchestra, since I will be a senior in highschool. I might become a part of Detroit Civic Youth Orchestra. Every young thriving harpist should get some experience in an orchestra. Its fun and an awesome learning experience.

    unknown-user on #167587

    I am finishing my last season with the Lincoln Youth Symphony in Northern Utah, and I used to also be in the Lake Bonneville Community Symphony, which was in the same area LYS is in.

    unknown-user on #167588

    I currently play harp and violin in MAYSO (Mankato Area Youth Symphony Orchestra). -Elizabeth

    unknown-user on #167589

    I’m in the Toledo Youth Orchestra!!!! On harp and trumpet!!! It rocks!

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