your visit card Design,what do you write there?

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    mr-s on #146840

    Hello dear friends,i am going to do my visit card,and i will be very happy to listen to your suggestions and idea’s. what to write on a very

    Brandee Younger on #146841

    A business card?

    Simple is probably the best way to go.

    Your Name, Title (harpist), Email, Website.

    catherine-rogers on #146842

    I agree with Brandee. You need your name and contact information.

    Over the years I’ve simplified my card and put just the basics on it, in larger print. I do have a drawing of a pedal harp on there so there’s no mistake on what I’m offering, particularly if the person who takes the card doesn’t read English.

    alice-freeman on #146843

    Because people’s eyes are drawn first to a picture, it is a good idea to put a design or photo on the left side of the card. Then people can comfortably read from left to right (at least in English, German and the Romance languages) and are not jumping around trying to find your information.

    After the picture keep it simple. Name, phone number, email address and Web site are most important. Many harpists do not put their home addresses on a business card for security reasons. (You are usually handing out the card when you are not home and in bigger cities that is not always a good idea.)

    If you want to limit your business to weddings, say so. Otherwise something like “Elegant music for special occasions” covers a lot of bases.

    carl-swanson on #146844

    I would suggest the following:

    1) Your name in big letters
    2) a description. Harpist. Or Harpist and harp teacher. Something like that.
    3) A picture of a harp, either a drawing or a photograph, with or without you in it.
    4) A phone number, but no address.
    5) if there is room, a list of things you can do. Music for weddings, parties, private functions, funerals. Whatever type of event you can play.
    6) A web address if you have a web site.

    Don’t bother putting your degrees or diplomas. Nobody cares.

    Trista Hill on #146845

    Mine is very simple — a sketch I rendered of a harp on the left;

    mr-s on #146846

    Dear Carl,sorry in my country people care about your degree,they say oh we invited a doctor of music harpist,we paid him this price etc……………………. that’s all of course beside of the beutiful music,i know what they think ,maybe in europe or Usa dont care about that.

    carl-swanson on #146847

    If it’s important then put it in. Are you planning to do this in Arabic? Isn’t that read right to left? You’ll have to arrange your card accordingly.

    mr-s on #146848

    no Carl i think i am going to do it in english. and maybe some of it in Arabic of course from right to left,but dont know wich harp logo or picture will use???

    carl-swanson on #146849

    Just remember that someone who got your card may have it for months or years. When they look at it again, it should tell them immediately who you are and what you do. So the single most important thing on it is the word HARPIST and the next is a picture of a harp. Don’t crowd the card with too much information or they wont read any of it. And use different size lettering to emphasize and separate the various elements.

    patricia-jaeger on #146850

    Mr. Sara, My son (not a musician) frequently has business in another country. His business card is in English on one side; on the reverse it is printed

    carl-swanson on #146851

    Patricia- I thought of that after my previous post and was going to suggest it. I’m glad you did.

    He could actually have exactly the same thing printed on both sides, except that one is in English and the other Arabic.

    laurel on #146852

    I play the Irish Lever Harp and was also thinking of getting a business card.

    paul-knoke on #146853

    Could you perhaps make the card two-sided, with English on one side, and Arabic on the other?

    I’ve also found that using an ivory or pastel colored card stock helps make the card stand out in a stack of the more usual white cards, and more memorable to potential customers.

    eliza-morrison on #146854

    Mine is unusual but very simple. I didn’t want regular card stock, so I bought a bunch of place cards for weddings….they unfold. I hand lettered each one in calligraphy. On the front, it just says my name, and Harpist. Inside, my contact information. That’s all! They look great and are uncluttered and unique. This works for me; some might want to include more information.

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