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    Hi everyone! I wanted to hear other harpists opinions, there are few harpists in my town so I love just having discussions about harp related things. Most of my friends play guitar, so if I get chatty on here you know why. 😉

    What’s the most beautiful harp you’ve ever played? I’m talking YOUR harp, or YOUR baby. Sound quality, inlay and special paint jobs, etc, whatever you think makes a harp beautiful!

    My teacher recommended a Lyon and Healy, and with no pedal harp experience I bought a used 85 Petite. I have never once regretted it. I absolutely LOVE my harp!

    I tend to lean towards harps with “bright” sound, I’ve never played one but I absolutely adore the sound of Dusty String lever harps. Lyon and Healy are supposed to have a bright sound.

    And I love harps with simple features. I like darker finishes that show the grain of the wood. I do like some harps with inlays or very pretty designs painted on them. I’ve never played an Aoyama so I’m not talking about sound but I was completely struck by the beauty of their Princess Sakura pedal harp!

    So what about you? What’s your harp dream? 🙂

    God Bless!

    — Natalie

    Amber M

    I think the Salvi Minervas are gorgeous. As far as the most beautiful sound, I had the chance to play a walnut Trianon a few months ago. If I couldve afforded it, it wouldve gone home with me!! :-)


    If we’re talking about “dream” harps, I’ll have to include mine because


    Regarding the post just above, your wish for a harp of 56 pounds and 43 strings is just what the Lyon and Healy Model 14, natural and gold, is about. At this moment, there is one advertised on this web site in the classified section!


    Yes…but I like the


    My dream harp is a Style 3.


    These are all beautiful harps everyone!

    I absolutely love the look and sound of Dusty Strings FH36, the glossy finish that shows the natural wood is stunning.

    And Mountain Glen Harps have beautiful paintings and carvings. It’s amazing how someone can not only make a beautiful sounding instrument but also make it into a work of art!

    I prefer sound to looks, if the harp looks good but sounds terrible it’s not worth it!

    — Natalie


    I’d like two or three. (1) My antique single-action Erard gloriously restored; a chamber-size double-action–one of the smallest L & Hs or a Pilgrim’s Progress. (2) A Josephus Heritage in cherry or an R-Harps Merlin. (3) A metal-strung modeled after the Queen Mary or the Trinity College but not as fancy.


    How about this, ….There are no bad harps! Beats the heck out of no Harp!

    With every great wish! To be discussed at a later date if you are for real!

    Philippa mcauliffe

    These are an interesting


    The Art Deco harp in that pair is a Lyon and Healy Salzedo. That one is my dream harp.


    Kent – I agree.


    I have my dream harp – my L&H 85 E Concertino AND the icing on the cake is that I still have my Thormahlen Swan.


    Concert grand, weights 20 pounds, folds to fit inside a duffle bag. Self-tuning.

    Pat Eisenberger

    LOL Kreig!!!! Count me in, except…

    Nothing in the world could make me give up my Webster McFall. I love the celtic carving and the deep mahogany color. But more than that – I’m crazy about the deep, mellow and clear tone. Perfection!

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