your Credit Card info by telephone or email

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    mr-s on #149271

    Hi dears ,there were a post here (harp dresses) and there a member suggested a site offer a good dresses for musiciens, i surfed the site and found a good suits,Tuxedos and shirts, but how to pay? when i phoned them quickly said give your master number please i said sorry but its not safe at all, and what about your opinion do you consider giving credit cards info on telephone or email dangerous or not??

    Indra Prabowo on #149272

    Hello Mr S,
    Do you mean the last three digits appeared in the back of your credit card?
    Many (if not all) online merchants require you to put those numbers to validate your transaction. I had experience buying things online from and some music online using credit card and so far it didn’t give me any trouble at all. Usually those sites have policy about buyer’s privacy. Please check if they have statement about it.

    I suggest you to change your question if there anybody in this site that had experience with the company you mentioned above, that will give you more accurate information about the company’s reputation.
    Good luck with your purchase..


    mr-s on #149273

    Hi Indra, the is a very trustful site as they had a good reputation with dealing with harpists,and me too bought many music from them but they have a special safe page for buying online , but the site i am talking about has not this page, they offer a form to fill it and send it by email or fax or tell them the whole card details on phone. that is my question.

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