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    barbara-christensen on #146078

    Where can I obtain a copy of the sheet music?
    It was composed by Dana Suesse for Casper Reardon, a student of Salzedo’s. I believe there are three movements to the suite, written around 1930 and published by Schermer’s. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Barbara Christensen

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #146079

    I don’t think it was ever published in a printed form. If it is in the Schirmer catalog, then you may be able to rent a copy or get an archival copy made. Let me know, please, if you find one. Otherwise, only a couple of harpists may have copies.

    gorman-jones on #146080

    I believe the scores are held by a nice man named Peter Mintun in New York.

    barbara-christensen on #146081

    It has been found!!!

    Mark Palkovic is Head Librarian at the College-Conservatory of Music Library, University of Cincinnati Libraries. He has a copy. My harp teacher who has been looking for this talked with Mark who suggested to request it through the university music library. That has been done but it hasn’t yet arrived.

    The piece by Dana Suesse was written for Casper Reardon, a jazz harpist in the 1930s. He was a student of Carols Salzedo and the work has not been published.
    Barbara Christensen

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