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    when you walk into a room, forget why you were there and sit down and play the harp instead

    wish you could have a Heartland Delight in standard black for outdoor weddings, in your team colors, banana yellow because it would look cool on stage, etc

    you have a harp in nearly every room of your house

    you have a camping harp, a Latin harp, a classical harp, a celtic harp, etc.


    you plan your family vacations around harp conventions or harp vendors

    Karen Johns

    When you begin to think EVERY song (regardless of what instrument it is being played on) that

    harp guy

    You start moving furniture out of the living room so that you have room for your newest harp.

    There are more harps in the house than there are people (or dogs and cats for that matter).

    You dread waking up in the night to the loud Ping!Snap!Pow! of breaking strings, and have nightmares about that sound.


    The biggest fear you have when your Outback wagon is dying is how you will ever find the right car again for your harps. You stay up nights looking online for the right replacement car.

    You never buy a pair of heels without first checking to see if they will work at the harp…..the soles aren’t too slippery.

    You stop wearing bracelets and rings.

    Even your optometrist knows you are a harpist….as well as your doctor, your physical therapist, your chiropractor and your massage therapist.



    Your friends ask if you did anything exciting over the weekend and you reply,

    “Yes, I changed all my bass wires!”

    Marie E.

    When you are watching a movie and you automaticaly see a harp (or part of one ) in the corner of the screen usually behind something else!

    Deborah O.

    When you are planning your vacation and you make sure your travel route includes as many Harp makers as possible to stop in at.


    You suddenly start noticing how many sound tracks have harp in them once you begin learning harp yourself.





    You go into open houses on home tours


    The first thing you do when you get home from work is go say “Hi, how was your day?”


    You actually like having calluses.

    Leigh Griffith

    when your hubby introduces you to Second Life and you spend all your time looking for a nice lever harp, but none of them look quite right. Soooo, you go to classes on “building” in Second Life and learn why none of them look quite right! (The harmonic curve just isn’t prim friendly!) Suddenly Second Life isn’t as exciting as you first thought it would be!


    Leigh, honest to God, this post makes absolutely no sense to me. Sorry….what is Second Life? What is “prim friendly?”


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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