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    Suzie Q

    Are there any yoga/pilates poses or routines that are good for the aches/pains harpists get? I’ve noticed that my lower back sometimes feels sore after sitting and playing for too long. And also, my shoulders get somewhat stiff. Since I regularly do yoga, I didn’t know if there were some specifically beneficial poses for harpists.

    Karen Johns

    I do yoga as often as I can, and there are at least three poses I can think of right off the bat that are good for stretching out the back. The cat, dog, and child pose. The child pose helps the shoulders as well as releasing tension in the back. Hope this helps.

    Misty Harrison

    Child’s pose is amazing for releasing your lower back!

    o. t.

    child pose is great. sometimes having another person help pushing ur back a bit will help u stretch better. u can also put hotpack on ur back.

    u can also lie on ur back and hug ur knees. that will help ur back, too.

    Nancy Edwards

    A good asana for the lower back is Sphinx, which is like Cobra except you keep your forearms and elbows on the floor and don’t raise up as high as full Cobra.


    Since harpists spend so much time folded in, I would think that any pose that stretches your front and sides would be good.

    Simona Millham

    I’m voting for Triangle and extended Warrior 2!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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