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    Hannes E. Peregrin on #158884

    I have been lurking here for a while now, but I thought it was time for making a post!

    I’m Hannes, 24 year old man from Sweden, and I have been playing the harp for 2½ months. I’m teaching myself and have so far rented a 22-string celtic harp and I have also ordered a building kit for a Music Makers Limerick harp which will arrive soon!

    I have never had any dreams about playing the harp before, but I wanted to start playing some instrument… more than that I did not know. But in February this year I started watching some old Marx Brothers-movies and I was enchanted by Harpo in many ways but most of all I was enchanted by his harp. I no longer had any doubts about which instrument I wanted to learn ^^

    I have never felt like this…

    deb-l on #158885

    welcome Hannes!

    kay-lister on #158886


    When the bug bites, it bites hard!

    steven-todd-miller on #158887

    Hannes, so great to hear your enthusiasm and excitement! Now from one self-taught harpist to another: find a teacher. As I mentioned in other posts, what has taken me years to learn and figure out may have been done so in only a fraction of that time if I had had a teacher. But… if you truly want to go it alone, I’d get the following method books: Methodo per Arpa by Grossi/Pozzoli (I know, I know — I said I didn’t like it in an old post, but I have forced myself go through it exercise by exercise and the change and ease of playing has been remarkable) and the Lariviere Exercises Op. 9. I don’t know how it would translate into Swedish, but to quote the wisest thing I ever heard: “Discipline sets you free”- learning sound technique gives you the freedom to play however you can imagine. Good luck!

    Karen Johns on #158888

    You are most welcome here, Hannes! I am a self-taught harper- used the Sylvia Woods method book and just recently the Pamela Bruner series. Really like the Pamela Bruner books, she is very thorough with her explanations, and her DVD’s are a must for the self- taught, IMO.

    I also have a Limerick from Musicmaker’s that I built from a kit. Is yours cherry or walnut? Nylon or wire strings? You will love this harp- the tone and projection is wonderful!

    You might be interested to know that Harpo Marx was self-taught (if you didn’t know already). Just be careful you don’t fall into any bad habits- it’s easy to do, and I’ve set myself back having to break some of those bad habits. If you can get a teacher, I highly recommend it. If not, pay close attention to hand position and posture. Try to get someone to watch you as you play to help you self-correct.

    Merry Meet! :-)


    Pat Lovejoy on #158889

    Hello Hannes,

    I am excited for you and your story brought me back to my own, which began 14 years ago, when I met a harp maker in St. Augustine Florida and after 15 min. I had decided I HAD to have a harp and the passion has only grown since then.

    Pat Eisenberger on #158890

    Welcome, Hannes!

    I see that you’ve fallen under the enchantment of the harp just like I did. I’ve played many instruments in my life, but the harp gets a hold on you like nothing else. How exciting that you will be building your own harp! Please post pictures of the progress you make.

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