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    i have an old 46 string wurlitzer pedal harp that’s been re-necked.


    James, my 1924 Wurlitzer Catalog lists two harps of 46 strings: Style BB abd CC. There is also mention on page 26, with no picture, that their Style CCX has the same specifications as Style CC, but with column and base in Gothic design like Style DDX. (Style DDX is more elaborate, with 47 strings, and height 72 inches). Style CCX has same number of strings, same string length, weight, etc.


    Google “Wurlitzer Pedal Harp”. There are pictures of many styles there. Mine is a C, and has a straight board. I don’t think mine is as tall as what you’ve described. My soundboard is outlined by a conservative Greek Key design, not fancy. You will want to compare the number and inscription of your harp to the ones online.

    Besides the standard styles and designs, there are example found that were made by the Wurlitzer workmen in their spare time during and after the work day. There are some interesting combinations of sizes and decorative embellishment. From what I’ve read, most of the survivors are wonderful instruments.

    My C sounded great when it came to me from Howard Bryan’s workshop, and after its 2 year regulation, it’s even more fun to play.

    The Wurlitzer Museum has a very nice website too. Happy reading!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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