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    Last night a glass bowl slipped and hit the counter while I was washing it, and a shard flew up and left a deep gash about 6-7 cm long in my wrist on the palm side (right where people try to commit suicide!). Luckily I got the bleeding to stop quickly, and I got the wound stapled up at the ER. The doctor checked for tendon injury and said there wasn’t any, although now (about 24 hours later) I can barely bend my fingers and they all feel tingly and swollen (I feel like I’ve been walking around with that feeling you get after a strong blow to your funny bone all day). I can barely flex my wrist and if I try to extend my arm the whole way I get a really strong shooting pain from my elbow to my fingers. It seems like the pain is coming from inside my arm, not just skin being stretched taut.

    The doctor at the ER didn’t have time to answer too many questions, but I’m really worried if this will affect my ability to play the harp and leave me with permanent stiffness in the wrist or fingers.

    Is there hope? Am I just being paranoid? Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
    Thanks for the input!


    They stapled it? I work for a plastic surgeon and it’s very unusual for THAT to be stapled. The ER docs are just that . . . ER docs. That’s all I’ll say about that . . . I would DEFINATELY have it checked out (NOT at the ER this time), by YOUR primary doc or a neuro. guy. I’m just wondering if the staple didn’t hit a nerve . . .? Just my 2 cents.


    Donna O

    I am a registered nurse and I would absolutely recommend that you see a hand specialist ASAP. An injury like that is nothing to fool around with in terms of future functionality.bAs Kay said an ER
    doc is just that.

    Philippa mcauliffe

    See a hand specialist. Some are plastic surgeons and some are specialist orthopods – depends where you come from as to which there will be in your area. Likely to be swelling but could also still be bleeding in there – your symptoms are probably those of nerve compression rather than direct injury to nerve but either of those need attention. And go now, today. That is not normal after the injury you describe. And I have never seen staples in a palmar crease in 30 years of anaesthesia.


    Ikes! I’l definitely see a doctor today.


    Sari, at age 7 I broke my right forearm and soon fully recovered. Ether was given in those days, as anaesthetic! Hope you not only recover fully but also increase calcium intake.


    Well, the doctor said I’ll need to see a neurologist to determine if there’s nerve damage, in which case I’ll have to have surgery for grafting nerves, which could leave me with permanent impaired function. He also said it could likely just be nerve compression by the swelling, so I’m hopeful. I’m seeing a neurologist next week (that’s when the earliest appointment is available). In the meanwhile, I’m trying not to worry too much and focus on the positive. An accident like that really makes you realize how easily and unexpectedly life can change. It could have been so much worse – like if a shard had hit me in the eye or the neck, or if it had cut an artery. It also fills me with awe at what amazing things hands are, and how many daily things we take for granted that are impossible to do with one hand.

    Musicians – appreciate your hands! (And be careful…)

    Philippa mcauliffe

    Message from my Mum who was the source of all the info before – its a bit late for Sari but elevation is very imporant for upper extremity injuries – there isnt much space to swell in fingers and wrists without getting compression. Thats why so many people have carpel tunnel syndrome – no space where median nerve runs through. So plenty of intermittant ice packs and keep it up well above level of heart. They hang them up in hospital after surgery she says. Fingers crossed it settles down and is OK.

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