How would you teach a 5 year old ?

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    Alison on #223788

    I know several renowned harpists have started this young, but as a teacher, how do you get started, given the obstacles and risk to the instrument ?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #223988

    Make it fun, and read up on child development. The ABC of Harp Playing is geared to very young students. I don’t see risk to the instrument.

    Alison on #224013

    I need a bit more than that !

    Kim Davidson on #224569

    I am currently teaching a 5 year old and it is going wonderfully! Some advice – I would only take a student that young if the parent/parents were committed to helping. The mom comes to every lesson and takes extensive notes so that she can work with the daughter during the week. Lesssons are a half hour and I am careful to never be in a hurry for her to learn or perfect concepts.
    I am using a combination of Suzuki and traditional teaching. They have purchased the Suzuki book and CD, student listens to the CD continually. We often work on just one concept from a song in a lesson (ex. Lavender’s Blue – placeing 4 fingers one week, next week, place & play, etc.). We also use Pamela Burner’s “Play the Harp Beautifully”, so she is learning to read note and rhythms.
    I’m excited about how it is going, but I know that it would not work without the mom there – it’s definitely a joint effort.

    Alison on #226615

    See below

    Alison on #226617

    Well now, a very small shy child and with my smallest harp and a few tricks up my sleeve, we made steady progress in one lesson, on the alphabet and string names etc. So with a child keen and able to learn, we were all happy !!! Have to admit I hadn’t thought this possible. My middle C song which I use on new starters worked out great, as it’s not a concert piece ! It’s also lovely to make new friends this way.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #229247

    Thank you for that link. I have been looking for things like that for years. I know that when I was a teen, I felt incapable of controlling my fingers other than playing notes, I could not change technically. I thought it was a developmental issue, but it could have been something closer to home as well.

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