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    unknown-user on #167983

    Well, I’m playing at the nationals of this competition, and my dad isn’t here so
    we need some help to transport the harp. anywayz, I told a girl in my class,
    and she was like “well, why can’t you get it down the stairs on your own if you
    have a trolly?” and I said that well it’s 40 kilo, yeah, and pretty hard to handle.
    and she actually said “well my grandma and I once managed a 60 kilo heavy,
    3 meter long christmas tree.” would you believe it?! she actually compared my
    20,000 euro salvi aurora (in black*how nice*) to a 20 euro CHRISTMAS
    TREE!!!! and she was NOT WILLING so understnad why we need help. like,
    as if she’s done it so often. she was like “well I’ve seen your harp it’s not that
    bad to transport.” yeah sure strap it to the car and let’s roll the highway! wow
    that was infuriating! the ignorance of people!


    unknown-user on #167984

    time for healing breathing


    Evangeline Williams on #167985

    What kind of cart/dolly/trolley do you have?

    unknown-user on #167986

    yup mine is a lyon/healy trolley and it has the three wheels on each side. very practical.

    and I’m not going to ballet tomorrow, and this morning I was like “gosh I’m nervous about
    tomorrow!” (note: I’ve been talking about the competition for more than a week now) and
    this girl was like “why? what is there tomorrow”? and she thinks that transporting a harp is
    easier than transporting a christmas tree. well. wish me luck!

    unknown-user on #167987

    good luck!

    and when it comes to that girl… “Be intolerant of ignorance, but understanding of illiteracy” i dont think she was purposely being ignorant (then again, she might’ve been) so just understand that she has no experience with harps and just say, “have a nice day” and walk away. i know, its hard becuase i usually have the opposite problem with adults (usually men) that offer help me move my harp (also a salvi CG, so obviously its HEAVVVY) down stairs and before i know it, theyre grabbing one end of the dolly before i can say “no.”

    hope this helps

    by the way, i sent the masking tape yesterday!!!!

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