Would playing on a boat damage harp from too much humidity?

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    I was wondering if playing on a boat would be too dangerous for your harp.
    For example—a group of people are holding an event on a boat.


    As long as the harp doesn’t get wet from rain or spray, it should be okay. Get there (maybe an hour) early so the harp can acclimate to the temperature and humidity before tuning, and be prepared to tune 2 or 3 times before it holds.


    You may be interested in the Heartland Delight or Infinity.


    I once played for a wedding on a boat and it was fine. Just make sure you double check your boarding route. I got on board down a shallow gang-plank from the quayside – no problem. BUT 3 hours later when it was time to disembark the tide had gone out and the gangplank was near vertical and had been replaced by a 6ft long ladder! I just had to put my faith in the crew and hope for the best. They were brilliant and my harp (concert grand by the way) made it up totally unscathed.


    It’s very, very important how large the boat is and whether it’s going to be moored while you play. I don’t like to play on boats because it makes me queasy to watch my strings sway while I play, but I knew someone whose concert grand went for a swim. She foolishly took a job on a pontoon boat that would be sailing around during the event, and a large cigarette-type boat came roaring by. The wake caused her harp to fall, and of course it fell into the water.

    You want to ask a lot of questions before you commit to a job on a boat.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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