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    Liam M on #162783

    No I am not launching a missle! I would like to hear from those who prefer wire. I keep listening to all the tones and the Wire sound is so unique, so bell like that I am very strongly inclined to try a wire instrument.

    Tacye on #162784

    Do you like the sound of old traditional brass wire or the modern steel strung sound?

    Liam M on #162785

    I am inclined to the brass and I have found Ardival, which excites me. Have you heard one?

    harpglo-jean on #162786

    Liam, you should check out two time professional U.S. Nat’l Scottish Harp Champion, Cynthia Cathcart on YouTube.com..Ardival is her harp of choice, (as it would be mine as well, lovely sound)….She even has instructional videos on how to properly play a wire strung onYouTube….my favorite tune of hers is “Chanter’s Tune”….


    Liam M on #162787

    Go raibh math agat!!

    harpglo-jean on #162788

    Ta failte romhat y con mucho gusto Liam…sounds great!, I’m sure she will help you out with all that you need for the wire strung harp…I also hope to add a wire strung eventually, but only after I become more proficient on the (nylon) harps that I have..I know there’s quite a bit of “damping” involved with wire and not ready for that yet…

    Slainte agus Saol agat,


    Liam M on #162789

    I believe I am narrowing in on a Druidd by Dreamsinger. I have talked with the Luthier, Muis, and I am impressed by him. He has the passion for wire that I look for and I like the sound of the Druid.

    The current alternative is the Ardival Kilcoy. It has the plus of being sized to the overhead bin on an aircraft, but that means 19 strings. The Druidd at 22 is slightly larger and not quite as traditional in construction, but Muis is a small builder who strives for a sound and Ardival may be the wee bit more production oriented.

    I am talking with Cynthia about the two as well….

    Decisions, decisions….

    Liam M on #162790

    The Druid has arrived and it is lovely even in it’s unfinished state. Now I go to work with my carving before I finish it and string it. Muis is a fine person and a pleasure to do business with.

    Kathleen Clark on #162791

    Hi Liam, it makes me smile to hear you write of Cynthia Cathcart. I’ve always admired her from afar and had the absolute best time talking to her at Big Sky last year. She seemed really surprised that I was familiar with all her music, she’s a real treasure. About your nails, Patrick Ball makes regular trips to City of Hope for Lisa Lynne’s Harp for Hearts program that I play in so I’ve had the chance to chat with him about the nail thing as he plays with his nails, but tapes them. He showed me how he uses that clear removable medical tape on his fingernails to support them. Also, Aryeh Frankfurter plays his Dusty with his nails on his right hand. He uses press ons. So there are lots of options. I mention Patrick and Aryeh because they are two harp players I really admire and they both play the harp for a living. Patrick plays the wire harp and Aryeh plays a Dusty with wire harp technique (left hand nylon technique, right hand wire technique, his own style). So I’m trying different things with my wire harp too.

    Aryeh Frankfurter – The Northfjord Halling

    Liam M on #162792

    Cynthia is a gem of a person and such an accomplished artist. I was fascinated talking with her and look forward to meeting her some day.

    I had my nails out and promptly broke two of them making Carrot Soup!

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