Would custom made pads for harp cart straps be of interest to anyone?

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    JackieHarpFan on #191826

    Hello all,
    My daughter is studying harp and we decided to make her some (removable) pads for the straps of our harp cart, just to give the finish of her pedal harp some added protection. (I know that many harp carts include the pads.) Anyway, we did some research to find the kind of foam and fabric that are usually used and we have the foam on order. After looking into this, it occurred to me that if we have this need that other harpists might also have the same need. Since my daughter has also been learning to sew, we thought of this as a way she might be able to earn some money to help offset the costs of strings, etc. So, my question is, is this something that any of you would have any need for? And, if so, what would be an appropriate price for a set of 2 pads, about 24″ long each? If most carts come with pads included, there really might not be a market out there for the pads.
    P.S. If this message would be considered “solicitation” and would not be allowed, please just inform me.

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