Worst or Weirdest Gig Happenings stories…

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    Harper Cait on #150591

    I’ll start… I played in the tea room at an Antiques Roadshow type of affair where there were many items also for sale. While I was on a quick break, and up getting something to drink, a woman came in carrying a bunch of heavy bags, looked all around at the available tables, finally fixed her gaze on my harp and marched up and leaned all her shopping bags against it, instead of putting them on any of the 3 empty tables right nearby. I, of course, came running…

    What’supwiththat??! lol

    kay-lister on #150592

    That’s why I NEVER leave my harp unattended at a gig.

    carl-swanson on #150593

    A friend of mine-someone whose name EVERYONE would recognize- was playing in a fancy hotel in Europe. One night a big fat businessman type with a cigar in one hand came over to her and complimented her on her playing. THEN, he put his cigar out on the soundboard!

    Another friend of mine-again, someone(else) whose name you would recognize- was playing in a very upscale resort hotel in her state when some Japanese businessmen came in. After listening to her for a while, one of them came over to the harp and, while she was playing, shoved some money down the front of her dress! She just kept on playing, but thought to herself, ‘that better be a hundred dollar bill. It was.

    Jerusha Amado on #150594


    This is simply outrageous!

    emma-graham on #150595

    Oooh, love this kind of thread! I once played for a smart

    jennifer-buehler on #150596

    I played a wedding reception this summer

    kay-lister on #150597

    I played a wedding reception and a toddler kept coming up to me and the harp and on about the 4th trip up, he finally reached out to give it a bang.

    janelle-lake on #150598


    Miriam Shilling on #150599

    This is not a wedding story (of which I am enjoying reading the above accounts because we’ve all been there), but I was hired to play “The Fantasticks” with a local theatre company.

    kay-lister on #150600

    This past summer I was hired to play in a private home for their sons 50th birthday.

    Dwyn . on #150601

    Yikes, this lady sounds like

    Miriam Shilling on #150602

    Oh that’s a great story, Kay.

    Karen Johns on #150603

    OMG- I am just beside myself laughing at these (wiping tears away, sides hurting). But some of course are not so funny. I think I would have had to hurt the man with the cigar.

    Keep ’em coming! :-)

    Sylvia Clark on #150604

    Not my own (those are all available in my book).

    carl-swanson on #150605

    Kay- That’s a priceless story. Thank you. it’s unbelievable how some people live. As a harp technician I have seen my fair share of great, and aweful habitations. I’ve gone into one or two apartments or houses where it was overrun by dogs or cats and was never cleaned. I could barely breath from the stench. How can people live like that?

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