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    randal on #156204

    I’m considering acquiring a small wire-strung harp.

    andee-craig on #156205

    I bought a small Argent Fox wire strung harp from Melody’s Traditional Music about 10 years ago. I was very unhappy with it as the neck began to twist away from the pillar.

    Melody’s was very accommodating and let me upgrade to a Triplett 25 string wire harp which was so much better. It was sturdy and beautiful to look at and the sound was gorgeous. I did get frustrated though with tuning it as wire harps are so much more temperamental than nylon or gut harps and the slightest turn of the tuning key often resulted in strings breaking.

    I would still recommend Triplett over Argent Fox but maybe they have improved a lot in 10 years? Their website looks really good.

    peg-coats on #156206

    There are quite a few makers of wire strung harps. Here’s a list of wire strung harp makers (check the bottom of the page): http://dorveille.com/links-resources/harp-makers-sellers/

    Craig Pierpont of Another Era Lutherie and James Skeen of Folc Harps both have sound reputations for making really nice affordable wire-strung harps. Depending on the number of strings you want, Stoney End makes a 22 string that is not too expensive.



    randal on #156207

    Thanks very much for all the suggestions

    I looked at all the US makers…unfortunately my budget is severely limited, and this could likely

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