Wilfred Smith pedal harps

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    amyfinck on #221949


    Does anyone have any experience with Wilfred Smith pedal harps? Someone in my town that is selling one in my price range. I’ve heard that they are not the best, but would they be ok for someone who is not very advanced and does not need / can’t afford a professional quality harp?

    Thank you!

    Tacye on #221954

    I would look into it with a fair degree of caution because of their reputation. Also because of the harp’s age it will need to be considered as an individual instrument; not all harps age in the same way and at the same speed and not all have been equally well treated or maintained. It might be worth it if cheap enough, but may be hard to sell when you grow out of it.

    I would consult Pilgrim about it and/or the technician who last serviced the harp.

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