Widmann Viola Concerto

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    susanna-campbell on #212984

    Hi Harpists! I’m working on excerpts from the Widmann Viola Concerto. It is primarily extended techniques, but the explanations are all in German and symbols are different from what I’m used to seeing. I’ve used Google translate and think I’ve figured out how to play most of it, but a few things are still confusing. It’s not always clear whether or not you are supposed to use the tuning key to play a regular glissando or use the metal part to slide up and down against the string. Also, what is a zitter-gliss??? If you have played this piece and can help decipher some of the extended techniques, I would greatly appreciate the help!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #213122

    The tuning key gliss is meant to be played by sliding the metal part (or the metal part of a screwdriver) along the string. I tried looking up “zitter” but the translation was “aspen” or”vetch”, so maybe slide a piece of aspen wood along the string? No idea.
    I found a couple of Youtube videos of this piece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSgTYITPFCI

    Maybe there will be a shot of the harpist’s hands just where you need to see what they’re doing.
    Viel Glück, as they say!

    susanna-campbell on #214077

    I was able to find the excerpts I am learning in the YouTube video even without seeing the harpists hands. It sounds like I was on the right track, and yes the sliding up and down the strings with a metal tuning key happens a number of times. Along with tremolo effect with the tuning key between two strings. Thanks for your help!

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