Whoops, wrong harp!

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    kay-lister on #163219

    Ok, just wandering if there are any horror stories out there about your purchasing the “wrong harp”.

    brook-boddie on #163220


    While I don’t know if I would call this a regret, the first pedal harp I bought was purchased from a dealer across the country

    unknown-user on #163221

    Not exactly a horror story, but I do have a not too useful harp .

    jennifer-buehler on #163222

    I highly suggest the “harp Bra” that Melody’s carries.

    Tacye on #163223

    Not exactly horror stories- but there was the Salvi Orchestra I bought promising my parents it was the harp that would last me forever…

    unknown-user on #163224

    When I first wanted a harp I thought making one would give me an extra connection….LOL! I should have realised I’m not a woodworker. I ordered the entire kit including strings and made up the pillar and neck before putting it aside never to touch again. 2 years later I sold the kit including the spruce I had purchased for the soundboard for a very good price (to a hobby harpmaker)

    Audrey Nickel on #163225

    This is more a “thank goodness I made the right decision” story than an oops.

    kreig-kitts on #163226

    According to how she tells the story, when Deborah Henson-Conant was a girl she wanted a harmonica, also called a “blues harp.” She told her parents that she wanted a blues harp for her birthday, and one day she came home, and there was a harp.

    She said she had asked for a blues harp, and her mother replied “Don’t be so picky. We couldn’t find a blue one.”

    Talk about the wrong harp!

    kreig-kitts on #163227

    As an afterthought, she still plays the harp, but at least it is blue now.

    Evangeline Williams on #163228

    Tayce-I’ve got a handful of those 8 string harps, mid-east ones.

    unknown-user on #163229

    I bought a 25 string harp recently not because of the sweetness of my signifigant other, but rather his INSISTANCE that my semi-grand will not fit into the studio we are subletting for the year. I guess I should note that he’s probably right, I can’t even image where we’d put the thing….

    So I bought a Triplett Christina. When I first got the harp I had no idea to what to play, not even my first folk books fit into the number of strings…. so I found a bunch of folk books by Suzanne Guldimann that are written for small harps. The arrangements are extremely simple, but really beautiful. Now my harp and I are getting along famously. In fact I love it. How nice is it to have a harp I can throw over my shoulder?

    Have fun,


    sherry-lenox on #163230

    I just gave this thread a bump, since it’s where I’m finding myself. Nine months ago I put my little fund into a CD and it has grown very nicely, but at the time I thought that when nine months had elapsed I’d have a sure and certain sense of the harp that would melt like chocolate into my awaiting hands.

    But I don’t. One day I can be absolutely sure that I want THIS harp. Then I get worried about the string tension and think how beautiful THAT harp is, and how the tension is lower so it should be easier on my hands, but wait!

    There’s another one that I’ve looked at quite a bit. That one maybe? I certainly don’t want to mistake, and getting to a harp store is a nasty 4 hour drive, and what if there’s nothing I love there?

    Fortunately, I have a couple nice instruments to play until I decide. Anyone got any ideas?

    Audrey Nickel on #163231

    It does eventually get to the point where you have to make a decision.

    rod-anderson on #163232

    I think I’ve realised that any shortcomings with my harp are caused by my own limitations.

    jennifer-buehler on #163233

    Life changes.

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