Who Is This King cantata – harp part

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    Gretchen Cover on #146483

    I have the harp part for Who Is This King cantata.

    catherine-rogers on #146484

    Probably need to check your part against the full score or the rehearsal piano reduction to find out what’s going on before and after those glissandi so you’ll know what chord or key you’re sliding toward. That will help you choose the pedals settings you’ll need. Sometimes when they’re written in, they still don’t sound right with the rest of the orchestra and you have to make some judicious changes. If it’s convenient for you to sit in on a prior rehearsal, maybe you can get the info you need.

    Gretchen Cover on #146485

    That is exactly what I did for the last two cantatas. It was very time consuming and required the music director to come to my house once (we have a piano), and for me to drag my harp to the church to figure it out. Plus I did go to a couple of choir rehearsals.

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