Who is Poenitz?

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    Calista Anne Koch on #150025

    I love the Music Box, but I have no idea who the compose Poenitz
    is… a harpist? a prolific composer?

    MusikFind1 on #150026

    Poenitz, (Ponitz) Franz ( 1850 – 1913 )

    Germany, Bischofswerda ? Berlin harpist

    “At the turn of the century, Hol?, Poenitz and Posse were the “royal trio” of the harp world, not only because they were members of the Royal Orchestra in Berlin, but also because they were generally viewed as the top virtuosi of their profession. ——–“

    Calista Anne Koch on #150027


    carl-swanson on #150028


    alexander-rider on #150029

    MAN Carl you are like, so mature! 😛

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #150030

    Poenitz is probably written as P?nitz in German, in which the ? would sound like the “oo”
    in “book”. The emphasis is on the first syllable, and the “z” sounds like an “s”.

    Anton Sie on #150031

    I think the “oe” in Poenitz is spoken like the “eu” in “feu” (French), just a bit more stretched. Is there any English word with this sound? I think it shouldn’t be pronounced like the “oo” in “book”, that would be a Dutch pronounciation (“boek” (Dutch) sounds almost the same as “book” (English)).

    HBrock25 on #150032

    Hello everyone from Italy. I would like to inform you that since May is available the new CD “Poenitz – Works for Harp” beautifully played by a talented harpist named Laura Vinciguerra. This relase include several world premiere recordings like (amongst the others) the magnificent “Nordische Ballade” and a impressive “Capriccio Op. 73 for Harp and Clarinet”. As far as I know this is the first and only recording totally dedicated to this composer. You can find in Amazon and several other CD store in Brilliant Classics catalogue #9179.


    More infos on Franz Poenitz here:


    More info on Laura Vinciguerra here:


    karen-conoan on #150033

    “The Music Box” is a favorite piece of mine so I appreciate this

    julia-reth on #150034

    You are absolutely right. The sound oe doesn’t exist in English. “Feu” is pretty close to the exact sound.

    jessica-wolff on #150035

    oe = o-umlaut. Difficult to describe. Somewhere between long o and long a (in English).

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