Who is in this picture????

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    carl-swanson on #252429

    Someone recently sent me this photograph and asked if I could identify one of the people in it. There are actually 2 people in this photo that I don’t recognize. For context: The photo was taken at the Denver AHS Conference in 1988, and Carol Mclaughlin was the opening night soloist. She’s standing in the center of this line. All of the other women in this picture are harpists that had performed at past AHS harp conferences. Starting on the left, the first harpist is Katherine Gotthoffer. I don’t know who the second person is.The third is Phia Berghout, then Carol. The person to the right of Carol is the main mystery woman. I have no idea who that is. Next to her is, I believe, Phyllis Scholmovitz, then Lynn Palmer, then all the way to the right, Ann Mason Stockton.

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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #252473

    Gayle Levant?

    carl-swanson on #252504

    Hi Saul- Turns out that is not Gayle Levant. So I’m still trying to find out who it is. Had to be a pretty good professional harpist.

    Alison on #255794

    Could the player 2 to the right of Carol in the picture be Heidi Lehwalder, whom you haven’t mentioned at all & not Phyllis Scholmovitz who would have been a little older ?

    carl-swanson on #255796

    No, that’s not Heidi. I’m sure that that person (white dress) to the right of Carol is Phyllis. I’m still stumped on the two mystery women that I mentioned in the first post above.

    catherine-rogers on #255803

    The lady second from left in the bright floral gown is Julia Herrmann Edwards.

    carl-swanson on #255808

    Thank you Catherine. I know the name, but had never seen a picture of her. Was she an orchestra harpist? What did she do?

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