White or Black harp is cooler?

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    Luis Ibarrola on #156808

    Hi folks,

    I want to buy a Harpsicle as my first harp. It sounds nice, and I can’t afford bigger things.

    tony-morosco on #156809

    I prefer black because it can fit both modern and classic styles. My pedal harp is black and it looks good in almost every setting.

    That said, while harpcicles are great little travel harps, and good around the campfire, they really aren’t well suited for what you want to use it for. There are other small harps that, while a little more expensive, would be much better suited.

    However, all that said, so long as the instrument itself is not a piece of junk then you should get what you want. You are the one who will be buying it and playing it. You don’t have to justify what you choose to anyone.

    jessica-wolff on #156810

    I think a Harpsicle may be too limited for playing at weddings. For hospices and nursing homes, you could as well go flamboyant–purple or green, for example. Why do you think you might be going pro, do you have previous musical experience?

    Luis Ibarrola on #156811

    Thanks Tony and Jessica,

    My friend’s younger sister, who lives 3 hours away, gave me the harp bug, and wedding idea. She says that whenever she takes her harp to a wedding, all the photographers want to take a photo of it. There is a major, major caveat. Her harp is a Pakistani “Heather” harp. Fail! Still, this means wedding-goers here

    kay-lister on #156812


    It’s YOUR harp, so get what YOU want.

    unknown-user on #156813

    I prefer black, but that is ENTIRELY personal preference. I love white for clothes and other things but when it comes to harps I love them dark! I have a Lyon and Healy 85 petite pedal harp, and I was torn between ebony or mahogany finishes. I went with mahogany but my next harp will probably be black!

    When it comes to weddings I think a black harp will be much more elegant. White harps make me think of Elton John type looks with white pianos… Not that it’s bad but I just think black is a little more classy. It’s up to you though, pick what you like best!

    And thank you for mentioning you were a boy, a lot of people don’t do that on here and then I get confused with how to answer them… =_=

    — Natalie (Yeah I’m girl, but I think most people would know that by reading me name. ;P)

    kreig-kitts on #156814

    Practical consideration: especially if you keep pencils etc. handy, white will show a lot of smudges and require more cleaning. Black mostly dusting.

    sherry-lenox on #156815

    I bought my 85P second hand and coinidentally, it is ebony. I am so happy that it turned out that way. To me it is very striking, and looks larger to the 85 P in other colors.

    The one negative point is that a s ratch looks worse than on a lighter color.

    Hope you enjoy whatever you decide!

    unknown-user on #156816

    Oh I know the scratch thing is annoying but harpconnection.com has special “markers” for the harp that can cover up scratches, they come in a variety of wood colors including ebony, mahogany, maple, etc, so it’s not a terrible problem. 🙂

    — Natalie

    Tony G on #156817

    If you are really concerned about price, but would like a harp for playing gigs, my suggestion would be to rent something from harpconnection, or keep your eyes on e-bay/craigslist if you are dead-set against renting. You can get a nice, 32 string harp for $50 a month… which may be more managable than scraping together $800+ all at once for a fullsicle, which will give you less strings and less sound quality.

    I have a feeling you are going to find yourself wanting more harp if you intend to play weddings. I love my little Fireside 22 string harp, but I do wish for more harp all of the time. :p More sound quality, more strings, etc…. in my case I purchased the smaller harp so that I could practice before renting a bigger one.

    … all that said, the harpsicles are really beautiful and do have a lovely sound. 😀 I encourage you to do what everyone else has said and get the harp -you- want!!!

    Dwyn . on #156818

    If the prospect of playing at weddings is your chief concern re color choice, while

    Luis Ibarrola on #156819

    First I’d like to thank everyone for replying.

    All my thoughts and ideas have turned, and I am convinced that the black one would look better in most situations, while the white one is more of a novelty. Haha, I especially appreciated the Elton John observation by Natalie!

    Dwyn, I also really appreciate your point of view. It brings me back down to earth. I guess many brides won’t pose next to a black one. At least they probably have

    Dwyn . on #156820

    Take a look at the Smartwood Harp http://www.harpkit.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=smartwood

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