Which vehicle to choose for transporting a semi-grand harp?

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    eva-murphy on #148251

    I just sold a L & H semi-grand pedal harp that’s a Style 16… in between the size of a L & H style 15 and style 17 (kind of like a larger 15, with a crown on it, or sort of like a 17, with a straight soundboard). The buyer just wants to get the harp home without paying through the nose for freight companies.

    She needs to transport the harp for a six-hour drive, each way, staying at a motel overnight (or else stay overnight at my place…I have met her before, and she is not a stranger), and these are the vehicles she has the option to rent: a mid-size Ford Escape SUV, or a standard size Chevrolet Equinox SUV or a Dodge Grand Caravan. Any listers have any experience hauling a semi-grand in any of these vehicles? Was it a good or bad experience?

    jan-fetty on #148252

    I am planning a similar trip and talked to the rental agency explaining my needs.

    Sid Humphreys on #148253

    The Escape may work… it was just a bit too short for my L&H 23. I have a Ford Edge which is perfect with the drivers seat pulled forward and the harp at a slant to the right. The Explorer is also a good choice.The Dodge Caravan is way too big, she can haul 2 harps in that one., I’ve rented one before and didn’t care for the way it handled. Hope this helps!

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