Which type of wood is best?

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    Brittany Huynh on #167622

    Hi! i was wondering if Cedar wood was good wood for the harp. or is
    it very low quality. thanks bye!

    Katrina Szederkenyi on #167623

    Actually I heard that cherry tree wood is good for a soundboard….but yes cedar is also
    used a lot I think because it’s quite soft. I always get confused with tree types lol!

    unknown-user on #167624

    Well, if I may contribute with my humble knowledge…

    Yes, cedar is a somewhat common wood for soundboards (not nearly as common as, say, spruce? lol).

    unknown-user on #167625

    That’s all really great advice. Just beware of Mahogany. It is such a beautiful wood, but it is VERY soft. Spruce is terrific for the soundboard for millions of reasons.
    I say use Hard Maple for the body, and maybe a little Walnut here and there. These woods are durable, look great, and always give a pleasant sound.
    Good luck.

    unknown-user on #167626

    To Ms. Humphries!

    Maybe she needs to be knocked over the head with a piece of mahogany to know it is classified as a HARDWOOD!

    alexander-rider on #167627

    Now now Donald! my goodness the hostility towards Suzanne! what with the frosty reception she got with that britney Spears thread i’m beginning to worry our suzie’s gonna get a complex!

    unknown-user on #167628

    Look Donald, until I personally attack you,

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #167629

    I have an absolutely divine-sounding Ron Wall harp. I recollect that he said he was using a
    different wood in the soundboard now. I think he said it was alder. If you really need to
    know, you could try contacting him.

    unknown-user on #167630

    Donald is just highly expressive. He’s actually pretty nice. I know him well. And I disagree with him. Mahogany may be classed as a hardwood, but it sure is soft. I have a mahogany Salvi bench, and you can practically dent it with your fingernail! Maybe some kinds of it are hard, but in furniture it’s often soft. I was shocked to see that our new performing arts center auditorium was covered in mahogany panelling. That won’t last long. For a wood to be used in a harp one also has to consider the climate it will be in and the humidity. Where’s Carl Swanson when you need him?

    unknown-user on #167631

    regarding the hardwood situation, the term hard and softwood does not always refer to the actual density.

    unknown-user on #167632

    As far as I know, maple is almost the staple wood for harpbuilders…Lyon $ Healy and Salvi use it exclusively for their harps (just with different wood finishes) and I think all pedal harps are made from hard maple, for its strength and…well, hardness.

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