Which Set-up for a 22 string Lap Harp?

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    HBrock25 on #73248


    My name is Robin and I live in Wales

    In a few months I will be the owner of a Alun Thomas Telyneg 22 sting lap harp.

    I am not a harp player yet! A couple of days ago my good lady surprised me by taking me to Alun’s workshop on the pretence of taking me to dinner for my birthday. She is paying for me to have a harp built. It was a wonderful surprise!!!

    I had the choice of size of instrument and decided that a lap harp was for me. I play mountain dulcimer, and dobro in bluegrass and old-time bands. Plus I play mountain dulcimer at our local Welsh dance tune sessions. There are some very good pro harpists that play at those sessions that I love to hear, and I have always said that we should have a harp in our home!

    The reason I selected a lap harp is that I play mostly with other musicians, travelling to various sessions throughout the week, so portability is very important. Also, I know from the sessions I go to that it is the top end of the harps that cut through the session mix. Also I have a damaged left hand and have lost the last section of my index finger – so I’m going to struggle with much beyond 2 note chording and other fairly simple work in the bass. I can see myself playing rhythmic chord chops and melody runs and fills (sort of mandolin/fiddle parts) at sessions. I doubt I’ll get much beyond that!!!!! I love the way that Llinos Eleri Jones works the instrument within the band “Calan”

    deb-l on #73249

    Robin, what a lovely suprise to find your ladyfriend has a harp being built for you, very romantic and thoughtful thing to do!

    jessica-wolff on #73250

    The lowest E on the guitar is pretty low for a 22-string harp. I don’t wonder that you find it slack.

    Robin Clark on #73251

    Many thanks for your replies,

    E to E may be a little low for a 22 string harp with

    jessica-wolff on #73252

    Josephus Harps in Canada appears to have such a thing. Give their site a look.

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