Which Petite Harp: Daphne 40 or Chicago 40?

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    Debora LaMarchina on #227974

    Hi all! Please comment and weigh in regarding which harp you love best:the daphne 40 or the Chicago 40? Which has the best sound? Etc?

    charles-nix on #228024

    This post reads like flame bait, but I’ll assume it is meant seriously.

    No one harp model by any maker always has the “best” sound. Each harp will be an individual. There will likely be great instruments and terrible among both model lines. Both are made by well-respected and experienced manufacturers.

    Never buy a harp sight unseen (heard?) They do not come off an assembly line, and are not interchangable commodities.

    If you have specific questions regarding how the sound or action might differ, someone might be able to help. Otherwise, you’ll just have to play and listen to some examples (live, not recorded) and see which one inspires and speaks to you.

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