Which Pedal Harp to Buy?

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    HBrock25 on #158314

    I am very new to harp playing, and currently own a lever harp. I will transition to a pedal harp when I have the confidence to do so. There are a few companies to chose from, Salvi, Camac, L&H, Venus, Ayoyama … etc. I would like a pedal harp that is easy on the fingers, and a sound that is gentle and rich. I am not looking for aesthetic carvings that captivate the eye; simply a harp that sounds great, and is really nice to play, and preferably a semi grand.

    I thought of the Salvi Daphn, semi grand with extended sound board- your thoughts?

    Tacye on #158315

    I am sure I am not alone in thinking that by the time you feel like making the transition you will have your own opinions and be best off trying several harps and seeing which wants to come home with you.

    Ziggy Marley on #158316

    Thanks for the advice on the Pilgrim line of harps, did not know of this make of harp – very nice work, and very affordable. I live in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, so I will ask a few of the harp retailers if they have any on display. I am expecting to travel a good distance for a show room (about 12 to 16 hours).
    So far the Chicago area is closest.

    Kathleen Elarte on #158317

    Hi Ziggy,

    We are located in Ottawa, ON and Toronto, ON. You don’t have to travel out of country to test-play harps.

    Ziggy Marley on #158318

    The Toronto area to try out harps works for me, thanks much.

    Philippa mcauliffe on #158319

    I would make a list of what you can afford and then go to the place where you can play the greatest number of these harps.

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