Which musical instrument insurance company is good?

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    alan-cross on #113646

    I’m looking for some insurance that will replace my harp in case of massive damage or theft. I do play my harp for money and that is what prevents all state from covering it. They won’t cover instruments that’s played for money. My harp is $3300 and I really want a replacement plan as I travel a lot with it.

    I was thinking of getting musicpro insurance but I hear really bad things and good things. Like their customer service went downhill and making a claim is like pulling an angry tiger’s tooth.

    Which insurance do you all use? Any horror stories with companies? Share your experiences and suggestions. If this is the wrong spot, I am sorry.

    Sid Humphreys on #113647

    Alan, I use Anderson, visit their we site to get an idea of rates. They have alway done well for me! http://www.anderson-group.com
    They do insure for replacement cost.

    Jerusha Amado on #113648

    I second Sid’s post. Anderson has been great for me!

    Bonnie Shaljean on #113649

    For anyone based in the United Kingdom or Ireland, I can highly recommend Iain Hayward (Jack Hayward is his father, now retired, who started the business):


    emma-graham on #113650

    I second Bonnie’s suggestion. Jack Hayward Insurance is great. Jack sadly passed away quite recently I think. They offer a substantial discount for anyone who is a member of the United Kingdom Harp Association (UKHA) and you can choose to include things like covers, stands, music and public liability insurance.
    I saved over £100 a year by changing to them.

    kay-lister on #113651



    zoey-page on #113652

    I have Clarion for my instruments. Their customer service is fantastic and they return my emails within a day. It’s http://clarionins.com/

    HarpAficionadoBlair on #142357

    We have simply added it onto our homeowner’s insurance policy (USAA) and cost of insuring our $10,500 harp for its replacement cost is about $90/year.

    Sid Humphreys on #142359

    @HarpAficionadoBlair, your harp is not properly insured then. You are covered only in your home in the case of fire or theft. You are not covered in your car or while on a gig at all. If you accidentally loose grip of your harp when moving it to your car (or in your case ACROSS the room) YOU ARE NOT COVERED! Wake up and get covered. I know it sounds like I am attacking you but I really do care. Homeowners will not take care of your instrument.

    HarpAficionadoBlair on #142376

    Many thanks for the heads up on my lack of comprehensive coverage. I will take care of this on Monday and contact the insurer mentioned in your previous post.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #142413

    I strongly recommend Merz-Huber. Excellent service, the best coverage.

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