Which Lyon and Healy pedal harp has the fullest sound, 85CG, Chicago CG Extended or 100?

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    jamie-lockton–2 on #145704

    I wish I could fly to Chicago to try out these different models of harps and the only harp shop in northern CA doesn’t have any of these models I’m interested in.

    Tacye on #145705

    On average, and unhelpfully, I would say the one which is being best played.

    brook-boddie on #145706

    I would rule out the Chicago CG Extended from that list.

    Sid Humphreys on #145707

    From what I understand (from a conversation with Steve Fritzman of L&H) the body of the L&H harps are the same (with the exception of style 30 and Salzedo which have different body shapes). The thing that is different are the columns. With that, the sound should be consistent from harp to harp. Still you need to try the individual harp before you decide. It is impossible to produce the exact same sound from harp to harp when you are building them no matter how much of the same parts you use. For example, you can go to 5 different hairdressers that studied at the same school to cut your hair into a classic bob. All 5 haircuts will have subtleties that make them unique to the individual that crafted it.

    More people have the Chicago and 85, so if you want to be more unique go for the 100. You should be pleased with any of these harps as far as sound is concerned!

    harp guy on #145708

    About a year ago I was at L&H west and tried out the 85s and Chicago extended and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed in the Chicago model. The sound was very stiff and lacked resonance compared to the 85. (Maybe resonance isn’t the word, but tone color… I’m not sure how to describe it, but to me it seemed ‘off.’)

    But that being said, they were both brand new and hadn’t been played in. I’m sure with the right touch and a break in period, both would be lovely.

    Peter Wiley on #145709

    Sid, something was mis-communicated, mis-heard or miswhatevered.
    Lyon & Healy Concert Grand harps are all made using the same basic construction EXCEPT the Chicago CG and Concertino harps.

    M Rodgers on #145710

    Thanks Pete. My thoughts exactly. I recommend the Chicago to my adult students who want a pedal harp but never plan to perform outside of their living room. It is affordable and sounds fine in that setting. As a concert harp? I am not sure L&H would even recommend it.

    Sid Humphreys on #145711

    Ah, thank you for that Peter, I’m sure Steve told me that but I was concentrating on 23’s and 100’s compared to 85’s.

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