which kind of Peterson strobe tuner to get?

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #186840

    My small analog strobe tuner (Turbo Tuner, made by Sonic Design) just stopped being able to pick up my harp when other instruments are warming up around me. I tried three different pickups, and none worked, so I guess the connection inside has failed. Now I am considering buying a Peterson strobe tuner, and I see that there are several models available. For those who use Petersons, which one do you recommend?

    Gretchen Cover on #186841

    I asked that question when the harp tech came last fall. The harp tech said he likes the Peterson app for iPhone the best. He said it doesn’t pick up a lot of outside noise. I presume there is a Peterson app for android phone, too. I just got an iPhone (late bloomer to smartphones) and I am going to download the Peterson app on his recommendation. I look forward to reading other suggestions.

    catherine-rogers on #186842

    I use this one:


    I do use a clip on pick up from Sylvia Woods for my harp that doesn’t have mics built in. For the harps with mics inside I just run a cable directly from the harp to the strobe. You can get it for about $200 or less depending on the source.

    Brenda Street on #186855

    Elizabeth, I bought the $10 Peterson app for iPad–iStroboSoft–and I love it. (It’s the same app for iPhone.) I was using the Peterson VS-II with the clip, but I like the app better. There is a clip you can buy for the iPad, and I plan to get it, but for now I’m quite satisfied. Have just about gotten all my sheet music loaded on the iPad via forScore, and I feel that I’m free of a huge albatross–i.e. big notebook and tuner. The iPad is all I need. Truly wonderful.

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