Which Harp to get for a young child?

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    HBrock25 on #166025

    Hi Everyone, I’m shortlisting some harps for my girl who recently picked up the harp.

    patricia-jaeger on #166026

    All four models you mention are well known and reliable. If the Aoyama 130 has 3 legs instead of four, know that it tips over more easily. Make a chart with the headings: Size, Tone, Price, String range, and Resale Value. As she tries

    sharon-crabbe on #166027

    One positive element for the LH Ogden model is the company offers a “Bounty” program.

    Tacye on #166028

    The Camac and L&H have gut strings and concert tension which will be good for working on classical technique if this is what her teacher teaches and she hopes to play a pedal harp eventually.

    Colleen Fessenden on #166029

    is a very good question regarding buying harp. It’s so nice knowing your kid’s
    interest learning the instrument.

    That depends on many aspects, plus
    the type of music your child wants to play and how much you want her to carry
    the harp around. If your kid is serious about playing the harp, you can buy a
    harp for her that is well-made, that sounds beautiful to her own ears and that
    will perfectly go with the sorts of music she most want to play. Even better,
    the harp will grow with you as you learn.

    To help you ease the pain on
    getting answers to your question, you can also read a lot of harp stuff with a
    great harpist. The SweetHarp the new paradigm in lightweight harp has been
    released. It could be the best for your girl. Hope this helps.

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