Which harp sweetener for iStrobosoft, H1 or H3?

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    keno6319 on #216487

    Hello all~

    For those of you using iStrobosoft, which harp sweetener did you choose for a pedal harp?

    H1 is the standard stretch and H3 is a milder stretch.
    Because it’s an in-app purchase I thought I’d check here before buying.

    Thanks for your input.

    Gretchen Cover on #216493

    I bought the Peterson iStroboSoft tuner a couple years ago. The only sweetener was simply for a 47 string harp. I went to the website and see there are two options now. You may have to call or email them. I am curious, too. The tuner is VERY accurate and was well worth the extra money for the sweetener. I found the tuner works better with an iPhone than iPad. The harp tech said the mic is more sensitive in the iPhone.

    keno6319 on #216535

    Well guess what? The modest $5.99 price for the Harp sweetener includes all 3 sweeteners: H1, H2, and H3! I decided to use H3 first and I like it thus far.

    Thanks to your tip about the microphone, I installed the app on my iPhone as well. I do really like the eye chart size letters on the Ipad though.

    One small issue I had though was the inability to tune the lowest 2-3 wires. The readings were all over the place on both the iPad and iPhone. After reverting to my Sonic Research Turbo Tuner and plug in pickup I was able to tune those wires immediately, so I don’t know what the problem was with the app.

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