Which harp should i get?

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    Maria Myers on #155322

    Good grief!

    If I were a professional harpmaker with an excellent product, I would never waste my time arguing ad nauseum with a poster on an internet forum that you claim to be “a very very small and almost an invisible part in the whole world of harps.” And as a buyer, I would steer clear of your company based on your antagonism.

    poppy-rose on #155323

    I say its only good

    wil-weten on #155324

    This is wonderful news! I have listened to a lot of very nice youtube clips of people playing the harpsicle.

    Please, tell me, where can I find more information on the new Harpsicle Harp G3? I think lots of people who, like me, are used to medium or heavy tension may be delighted with this new harp.

    unknown-user on #155325

    Maria. I am so sorry and I apologize. I had no idea that you think “experience”, “knowledge”, “learning”, and “antagonism” are synonyms.

    unknown-user on #155326

    All Harpsicle Harps made from April 2011 and on are G3 models. G3 just stands for Generation 3.

    shelby-m on #155327

    (My apologies in advance for the long post….)
    I think forums can be wonderful but difficult at the same time; we cannot hear a person’s tone of voice or see their expressions, we only read their words.

    Shane Gladney on #155328

    Since it is my first harp and i don’t want to spend over $1000 on something i’m not 100% i’ll stick with-though i think i will-i decided to buy the harpsicle. i found a harp teacher in my area so i’ll be buying my harpsicle when i have enough and than i just need to get lessons 🙂 thanks for the responses 🙂

    shelby-m on #155329

    If you are going to get a Harpsicle, I advise you to at least save a few more dollars and buy the Sharpsicle or Flatsicle, because those have bridge pins, so more levers can be added later.

    deb-l on #155330

    Shane, I know you have made up your mind but you may want to consider renting a harp, your teacher can probably guide you better in that area than a forum can.

    tonie-ogimachi on #155331

    You might also want to take a look at the Caswell Sweetharp 29.

    joann-buice on #155332

    After going through a good many different harps before finding the perfect ones for my hearing and use, I concluded that it is definitely a personal decision.

    william-weber on #155333

    The comparison of different soundbox sizes to the violin/viol family members kind of falls apart. The violoncello and the double bass do not have the top end of the violin, while a 34-string harp can go just as high as a 26, maybe even higher.

    A harp that barely radiates sound in its lowest octave (when the strings are plucked near the midpoint) is not as good as one that radiates perceptible sound in that same range. And who knows how the sound was picked up in those YouTube clips?

    When I visited Harp Connection to to try a Ravenna 26 and was also allowed to try a FH26 and a Triplett therapy harp, I also tried one of the Wm Rees harps on display by the door — I forget what color — and it sounded a lot like the Triplett. I don’t want to give up that much for the high degree of portability.

    HBrock25 on #155334

    As someone who cannot afford a concert harp, I think it’s wonderful that affordable harps are available.

    shelby-m on #155335

    Oh, but you don’t need a pedal harp to be a professional harpist! I know of several who only have a lever harp and they make a good living. :-)

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