Which harp caddy should I choose?

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    unknown-user on #168262

    Hi everyone, I’m a newcomer. I am 17 and have been learning pedal
    harp for four years. Recently I want to buy a harp caddy for my Lyon
    and Healy 85 and am now cosidering between Harp Transport System, K-2
    Products 6-wheels and Lyon and Healy Six-wheel dolly. Since I’m
    living in Hong Kong I really need one that can climb stairs well,
    secure and easily moved up a car. Can anyone give me some advice?
    Thanks a lot.

    lillian-l on #168263

    Hi, I’m from Hong Kong too and years ago I ordered a L&H 6 wheel dolly to move my harp, but it has never worked well, except being extremely heavy.

    unknown-user on #168264

    My daughter uses a K-2 Harp Caddy. She had the original K-2
    Caddy, for pedal harps, but sold that one to her harp teacher and
    bought the one for folk harps (it has a wider bucket, to
    accomodate the harp cover). Both have been very good. My
    daughter is 10 and takes it upstairs easily.

    unknown-user on #168265


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