Which Chicago harp do you think I should get?

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    louie-p on #76682

    My preference depends on how beautiful or resonant the sound of the harp is. To begin with, I’ve heard rumors that the Petite 40 was better than the other Chicago harps due to more resonance and sound. But this is the only harp I’ve gotten feedback from. Which one do you prefer?


    tracey-kjonegaard on #76683

    Not that I even know much about harps (I recently just started learning the instrument) but if your preference is for that sound, I’m sure you’re going to want to go with one of the extended soundboards, so I guess that narrows it down to 2 choices. You should probably go try them though, if you have a chance if there is one (or maybe both!) around your area? If not, just look up a lot of youtube videos and search the forums and get a lot of peoples opinions on the differences between them.

    louie-p on #76684

    Thanks Tracey. I forgot that soundboards factor how the sound quality is too.

    brook-boddie on #76685

    I have owned a Chicago 40, and it was a great-sounding harp. Unfortunately, my experience with the larger Chicago harps was much different. I love L&H harps, but if you like warmth and resonance, I’d recommend something in the 85 series. If you’re ok with just 40 strings, the Chicago 40 would be great. You may want to check out their CPO website. They usually have a nice pedal harp selection to choose from.

    louie-p on #76686

    Thank you Brook, especially for giving me feedback about the larger Chicago harps. I’ll definitely consider the 85 series! You’ve added more choices to my mind.

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