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    I’m new to this board (other than “lurking” with my previous research on Grandjany versus Salzedo, which harp to buy, etc.) and I’m hoping that you can assist us.

    My wife and ten year old daughter are aspiring harpists. They have both had about a month of lessons, and we purchased pedal harps for each of them. (L&H Models 23 and 85P respectively) Both of their interests currently revolve around Classical music, and they are both studying with a teacher that we selected after extensive searching, research, and “auditions”. The teacher we selected for them is exceptional, and from my current perspective I don’t know if we could “improve” upon her. She is a proponet of the Salzedo method.

    My wife is a gifted musician and has played everything from the accordian to the bass clarinet, but is most proficient on the piano. My daughter has received a very limited amount of piano instruction, but that just wasn’t her interest. Our older children have all played instruments (our daughter has 3 older brothers and one younger brother) with our oldest son (now 23) excelling on the violin and piano. Without putting too fine a point on it: The playing of music in our home and family is a top priority.

    We know all too well how important the right teacher is, and believe that you can’t study under someone “too advanced”. We also know that great players do not always equate to great teachers. But we firmly believe that it is crucial to learn good technique and sound musicianship skills from the very begining, and that those can be greatly enhanced and learned by seeing, hearing, and receiving instruction from a great mentor. We also feel strongly that the reading of music should be taught from the start or at least very early on.

    We have suddenly found ourselves in a position where we are selling a business and able to move “to the East”, which has always been a dream of my wife’s. She tends to think like those that created the different U.S. time zones, and defines “the East” as areas on Eastern Time. By “selling a business” I do not mean to imply that money isn’t an object to us, and the cost of living, real estate, etc. will all play a major role in our decision.

    That may be more information than you need, but hopefully it will provide some insight for any comments and suggestions you may provide.

    What we are looking for is recommendations (geographically or specifically) regarding areas that would be condusive to harp instruction and opportunities. Those would also include future needs, particularly for our daughter as she reaches college age etc. She may very well want to “leave the nest” but we would like to provide as many options for her “at home” as possible.

    We would appreciate any suggestions you might have for teachers in any recommended area(s) so we can begin that process as well. I cannot emphasize how important this is to our decision, and may be important enough for us to just “stay put”, if we are unable to feel comfortable with a move/change. It probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. We are NOT looking for opinions as to which method/technique to study, and are open to teachers of any “school”. So please give teacher recommendations based on quality of instruction, student opportunities, and advancement.

    Thanks for any help you can provide, and I look forward to hearing from you.



    hello David, i think the most important thing for you is the musical future of your daughter, of course if she want to be a proffesional harpist, please change the teacher, but tell the teacher some other reason wich keep your daughter from continuing lessons with him, dont hurt him directly, its your right to change the teacher, but if you want to find another one ask about him or her a lot before. i know how horrable its, i was obliged to study with a teacher that i didnt want, but had no chance to change, because she is the only one in my country.

    good luck


    oh sorry , i did mistake the answer should be in the harp teacher , sorry…………


    David- You’re obviously very well informed about the harp world in general.

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