where to sell unwanted music

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    julie-hussar on #184815

    I wondering if there is a place to sell my unwanted/loved music? There isn’t enough to put an ad in the magazine the cost of the ad would take any profits there might be from selling. Which wouldn’t be much fun I couldn’t buy more! Thanks for any advice.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #184828

    You can certainly try something like E-Bay, or if you have a harp society chapter, suggest a rummage sale. However, I have found that whatever music I discarded, I ended up wanting it for something later on. I would keep it. You never know. Unless it is totally useless, in which case, feel free to line a birdcage with it.

    Sallie on #184910

    Good question, Julie. I wonder if anyone knows of public schools with young harpers who could use old music.

    Sonya Wiley on #184954

    You could joing the Yahoo harp list, i’ve sold some there. Or make up a list and have people contact you offline

    Eric Allison on #184984

    Be sure to creafully investigate *all* of the costs and conditions of selling it online. Amazon, for example, charges a fairly steep sellers fee and then sets a date of arrival that you must meet even it means spending more on the shipping than you planned. Sheet music might need to be sold in lots to actually make a profit from such an arrangment. Good Luck!

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