Where to rent a small harp for travel?

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    Sheila Haney on #165788

    Urgent, anyone know where to rent a small harp with levers for 1 month only? I need a harp with 26-29 strings, full levers, and small enough to carry. My problem is, I will be away from my pedal harp for the whole month of June then come home to July harp camp, recitals and concerts. I will be in the Ashville N.C. area in June but, will pay shipment from elsewhere if needed.

    patricia-jaeger on #165789


    I teach harp and acquired small rental harps over the years to help beginners before they might decide to invest in their own harp, or discontinue the instrument. All of those rental harps were eventually sold, after renting harps for thirty years was just too much trouble, but for that length of time it enabled families to more easily give their children a chance to try harp with little financial strain.

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