Where to find an 85 petite harp?

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    Linden Lin on #70456

    Hello! I was just wondering where can I find a style 85 petite harp(not grand petite nor semi-grand). I’ve been searching this harp a lot of times, seems like most of them on the internet have been sold =/

    Linden Lin on #70457

    The color I’m looking for is yellow/peach

    Sid Humphreys on #70458


    patricia-jaeger on #70459

    If you’re not in a great hurry, you could e-mail me in a month. I just got a call yesterday from a former student who wants to sell hers and concentrate on piano. She’ll be away for 3 weeks so doesn’t want calls while she is away, to go unanswered. She’s in Vancouver, Washington. The harp is in nearly new condition.

    Linden Lin on #70460

    Thanks Sid! I was on there too. Sadly even $12,000,000 is too much for me =/. There was once an 8,900,000 85 petite harp but it seems it has gotten sold.

    Linden Lin on #70461

    Thanks Patricia! I’ll think about it

    Linden Lin on #70462

    12,000$*/$8,900* Sorry didn’t mean to put the prince in the millionths

    deb-l on #70463

    hi Linden,

    Linden Lin on #70464

    Thanks Deb! I can’t wait until March then.

    andy-b on #70465

    Is it that exact model you’re looking for, or just that size? The Lyon & Healy CPO site does have a Salvi Daphne 40 for $8,990 at the moment.

    Linden Lin on #70466

    Hey Andy! The 85 petite natural is the exact model and size I’m looking for. For me, the looks of a harp and how it sounds goes along with my choices. Although there’s the Salvi Daphne, I’d stick to harps made by Lyon and Healy since I like the way they sound.

    deb-l on #70467

    they have an ebony 2008 85p on the cpo website..

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