Where to download harp sheet music?

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    phoebe-levien on #165985

    Hello, this is my first post on the forum!

    I have been having trouble finding harp music lately, and the music books that my teacher owns are becoming to seem quite repetitive. Does anyone know where I could download harp music online? It doesn’t have to be a specific type, but if anyone knows of any Florence + Machine sheet music, I would be SUPER happy 😀

    Thank you,

    unknown-user on #165986

    I’ve downloaded some really pretty pieces off harpcenter.com

    Sylvia Woods has gorgeous arrangements as PDF files!

    Also try narrowing down to particular song titles or try piano arrangements, it’s easy to adapt them to the harp if there aren’t too many accidentals.

    I hope this helped, God bless! 🙂

    emma-graham on #165987

    They have loads of printable sheet music including Florence and the Machine. Make sure you have installed the software properly before clicking print or you will pay for a blank page! (Mac users beware. I have never got it to work and have to resort to an old Windows laptop.)

    pietra-dekker on #165988

    Try http://www.free-scores.com/index_uk.php3 . It has lots of pieces, and it is really easy to navigate. You can also find some really good ensemble pieces in it, which I found came in handy for my music assesment last year. There are lost of really good amature composers who upload music to it, and a lot of the stuff is free.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #165989

    Do plan to pay for music, even if downloads, unless it is public domain and you don’t mind playing from loose sheets that fall on the floor. If you don’t shop for music, no one can afford to publish it, and we all suffer.

    patricia-jaeger on #165990

    Phoebe, Saul’s advice, above, is correct, and new copyright rules were enacted September 1. This means even a church choir director who photocopies 1 extra copy of music for a performance is liable for a fine if caught, as lawyers swarm to take advantage of breaches in tighter restrictions on what was thought to be free music, formerly. The new technology has prompted these changes in laws that were out of date with the times. Composers, arrangers, authors and performers are all affected and would soon be unable to make a living in musical or literary arts, if

    barbara-brundage on #165991

    Do you have any kind of link for this, Patricia? I’m aware of substantial changes in copyright law in Canada and New Zealand as of Sept. 1, and some in the UK, but the US Copyright Law doesn’t list any change as of that date:


    (Look in the preface for the master list of changes since 1976.)

    There are certainly many suits in litigation right now that could eventually radically change many aspects of what’s considered fair use, but I wasn’t aware of any that had recently reached Supreme Court level, so I’d be very curious to see exactly what these changes are, if you can point me to a source.

    patricia-jaeger on #165992

    Attorney Theodore M Roe (877) 636 6275 specializes in this area. He told members of the Musicians’ Union here that there were big changes coming in music copyright, and still being hammered out. He said new laws were enacted September 1 and I am aware of that, as well as your link to Title 17, that I previously have visited.

    barbara-brundage on #165993

    Thanks, Patricia.

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