Where to buy cheap harp strings?

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    Linden Lin on #69847

    I have an old 30 stringed lever harp. I keep buying strings for it around each month because they break easily, specifically for the lower ones which cost $10.00 each on the Sylvia Woods site. Anyone know where I can find strings for a cheaper price?

    barbara-brundage on #69848

    Better to figure why you’re breaking so many strings and fix the root cause. Are they breaking at the base of the string? at the tuning pin?

    barbara-brundage on #69849

    Also, what make and model of harp and what kind of stringing?

    Linden Lin on #69850

    Hi Barbara,

    They’re mostly breaking at the near top. My model is a Triplett 30 Liberty harp. It’s a used one.

    Here’s where I buy strings: http://www.harpcenter.com/product/triplett-r-30-n-30-strings/

    The upper ones barely ever break off. But the lower ones($10.00) seem to break off more

    barbara-brundage on #69851

    When you say near the top, do you mean right at the tuning pin or bridge pin? Is is usually the same strings that break repeatedly? It’s possible there is a burr that you could smooth out with dental floss or abrasive cord, if so.

    Are the ones that break strings with a wire core?

    Linden Lin on #69852

    Oh they’re breaking right at the tuning pin. It’s the same ones. Plus the lower strings do have a wire core. Should I floss the tuning pins or something?

    Tacye on #69853

    Sometimes strings break at the pin if there are not enough wraps round the pin. Do you have three full turns there?

    carl-swanson on #69854

    Are you sure you’re putting the correct strings on? I once got a call from a woman who said she had replace the wire F string 3 times and it kept breaking. I asked her to be more specific. Which F string, starting from the first wire string(G5). She said it was the second string and she was putting a 6th octave F string on there. “That’s 5th octave F, not 6th octave” I said. If you’re putting the wrong octave string on there, particularly a lower tension string, it might last for a while but then break.

    barbara-brundage on #69855

    Yes, I was wondering about that, too. You’ll note that on the Sylvia Woods site they mention that the string chart is different for harps of those models made after 2005. I would check with triplett to be sure you’re using the right strings.

    Linden Lin on #69856

    Thanks everyone! Sharp edges and not enough wraps around the pin may have been the problem.

    Linden Lin on #69857

    Also, I might have not been ordering the strings.Yeah that ticked when you said that, Thanks so much for your help Barbara and Cark!

    Linden Lin on #69858

    I mean “alerted” me not “ticked” me haha!

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