When the party runs into overtime- with no referee

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    Sylvia Clark on #146470

    A while back, I saw something of a discussion about when extra time is involved, so I thought I’d throw this on the pile. This is long, so if you get bored, just stop reading.

    Valentine’s Day I played at the Country Club for their shindig (not a private party, but for the club itself).

    jessica-wolff on #146471

    That’s nice to hear. In the earlier post, it was a case of a groomzilla being a colossal jerk.

    Sylvia Clark on #146472


    onita-sanders on #146473

    I recently and a similar situation. The office party opening was in full swing when the time for me to stop had arrived.

    Sylvia Clark on #146474

    I see that you had addressed the possibilty of overtime in your contract, and it worked out well.

    carl-swanson on #146475

    Sylvia- You really really should work from a contract. Without one you have nothing to fall back on for that 1 out of 200 clients-from-hell. You can always stray from the contracted conditions as you did on this overtime gig. But at least you would have some kind of structure when it is called for. Sooner or later you’re going to have a client who is going to walk all over you and without a contract you’re at their mercy. Also, if you ever have to take a client to court to get paid, you won’t have a leg to stand on without a contract.

    Sylvia Clark on #146476

    I know that’s how it seems to you big-city folks, but I live in South Poverty,

    adam-b-harris on #146477

    If your batting rate of clients from hell is one in two hundred, you must be pretty good at weeding out the problem ones at the inquiry stage, well done.

    Sylvia Clark on #146478

    More than 200…30 years worth of good eggs.

    Jessica A on #146479

    These stories are so funny. Thanks for sharing.

    Susan Ottzen on #146480

    I would have stopped and looking for the special events manager and then ask what to do, I agree , contracts are essential for me, Fortunately my Valentines duo gig – we were paid in full ahead of time from an invoice

    Sylvia Clark on #146481

    “looking for the special events manager and then ask what to do”

    The manager

    susan-ash on #146482

    I live in a small community and operate a business there (not harp related, although I do play harp).

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