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    kay-lister on #160920

    Hi All,

    When purchasing a harp, is it best to buy directly from the maker or the harp center.

    Audrey Nickel on #160921

    Of my three harps, two (the Ravenna and the Harpsicle) were bought from dealers (the Ravenna was ordered for me by a local music store that specializes in string instruments and is an authorized dealer for Dusty Strings; the Harpsicle came from Sylvia Woods), and the third (the wire-strung Dreamsinger Bard) came directly from the maker.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #160922

    I bought my concert grand from the Va Harp Center. I bought my Webster from the builder. Both of them were built and could be played…..I would hesitate ordering a brand new harp unplayed since each harp is really so unique.

    Donna O on #160923

    I bought my harp from the manufacturer.

    andy-b on #160924

    Hi, Kay!

    Over the years, I’ve purchased directly from L&H, Sylvia Woods, the Virginia Harp Center and the Atlanta Harp Center, and have gotten excellent customer service from all three. But if there’s any way you can swing it, nothing beats going there (either L&H or the harpcenters) and trying out harps. You may fall in love with and walk out the door with exactly what you thought, or with something completely different! That’s how I wound up with my Clio, it spoke to me from the first note I played on it, even though my intention

    andy-b on #160925

    Sorry, meant to say I had gotten excellent customer service from all

    tony-morosco on #160926

    I have bought harps from International Music, Harps Unlimited, Sylvia Woods Harp Center and direct from Lyon and Healy.

    The most recent was when I purchased my new pedal harp from Sylvia Woods (they were fantastic and I love, love, love my harp from them).

    I have had excellent experiences and very helpful service from all of them. I would be hard pressed to suggest any one over the others simply because they all did an excellent job in helping me find the right instrument, answering all my question, and providing friendly and professional service. They all delivered exactly as promised in every way and I wouldn’t hesitate to go through any of them again in the future.

    andy-b on #160927

    Hi, Kay:

    Just wanted to mention, Lyon & Healy have their certified pre-owned harps, too, usually still under warranty. The Virginia Harp Center also has some pre-owned as well. Looking forward to hearing about your new harp!


    kay-lister on #160928


    Yes, I checked out the CPO harps at L&H and actually had my eye on one (2005 CG).

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