when la source ( fountain ) A.H.Zabel was composed

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    mr-s on #148381

    i am interested to know the year date of this composition, i know the year date of La source Hasselmans, and want to know who composed that first because as you hear the tow pieces you can feel that some body inspired the other, and wich piece is more interesting or difficult for you. i love the Zabel, but love to practice Hasselmans too.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #148382

    There are many, many water-themed pieces for harp. It started before either of them, I suspect.

    mr-s on #148383

    sorry i am looking for an exact date not for suspects.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #148384

    I suspect the original printing will have a year on it.

    richard-hagan on #148385

    Mr S.

    When I read your question I did not realize what a tough one it is!

    mr-s on #148386

    Hi Richard, thank you for your suggestion, you know i am interested to know exactly who did composed La source before Hasselmans or Zabel, because they have the same character in my opinion, and why Zabel piece named Fountain and in another places La Source? do you think that the librarian will have the answer? and will answer me.

    zoraida-avila on #148387

    V knige Dictionnaire du répertoire de la harpe ukazano Konzert kak proizvedenie nomer 35 napisan v 1904om. godu. Znachit chto La Source -soch. 23- dolzhno byt’ sozdano v 1900, primerno. Tochnuiu datu tozhe neskazanna,
    no 1900 -ochen’ blizko.
    Mozhet byt’ eto tebie pomozhet. Tseluiu.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #148388

    Delibes composed a ballet titled La Source.

    richard-hagan on #148389

    Hello Mr S.

    Your subject sounds very interesting.

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