When is a piece “finished?”

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    kimberly-rowe on #89695

    Teachers, how picky are you about requiring perfection on your

    students’ pieces before saying it’s “finished” and assigning them a

    new piece? I want to encourage students to stick with a piece or

    excercise until it is perfected, but sometimes they just don’t have

    all the skills necessary, especially at the beginner level. Obviously

    it is helpful to only assign pieces within their technical

    capability, but even then there are times when it seems like a piece

    will drag on forever without ever being “finished.” How do you find

    the right balance between instilling the good habit of seeing a piece

    through from preparation to finish, and keeping a student’s interest

    level high, especially at the early stages of harp playing?

    unknown-user on #89696

    When I assign a piece to a student, I usually have goals in mind for that student with regards to that piece, like introducing harmonics or improving their rhythmic skills or working on sound production.

    unknown-user on #89697

    A few more thought about goals for a specific piece, since everyone may not do this.

    I find that if I share goals with the student, progress is better for a number of reasons.

    unknown-user on #89698

    My daughter’s teacher has her divide her work into three catagories, working on it, touch up performance ready, and performance ready.

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