What's your favorite "Prayer" Type piece

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    brittany-deyoung–2 on #189480


    I’m playing a concert at a church in January and I’m looking for a new piece to play. I thought it would be appropriate to play a “Prayer” and was wondering what your favorites are? (I know it’s a little cheesy, but why not!) If you have other favorite slow/meditative type solos, I’ll take those recommendations as well. 😉 OH, and I’m thinking more along the lines of Hasselman’s Prayer – not necessarily sacred music like “The Lord’s Prayer”


    Biagio on #189486

    Hmmmm…OK I’d have to say Schubert’s “Ave Maria.”


    Sylvia on #189488

    TIA is Spanish for aunt, so I’m wondering about that.

    If the church is not Catholic, I’d be sure and ask before using the Ave Maria. Some churches don’t allow it.

    Not just in churches… I have a wedding ceremony and dinner in an event center coming up in September. The guy asked for all classical music, except the Ave Maria.

    The Panis Angelicus is a nice piece.

    Emily Granger on #189497

    How about Renie’s Contemplation?

    balfour-knight on #189498

    One of my favorites is “Priere a Notre-Dame” from SUITE GOTHIQUE by Leon Boellmann. (Prayer to Our Lady) Although written originally for organ, I play it on the pedal harp and people love it. It requires numerous pedal changes, and is not easy, but there may be transcriptions or arrangements available for harp solo. I just play it from the organ score and adapt the double flats (B double-flat is A, and so on) and incorporate the organ pedal notes as leaps in the left hand. (It is written on three staves for organ.) It is very beautiful and worth your time if you are interested!

    Best wishes to you,

    balfour-knight on #189499

    Brittany, this is “Part Two,” ha, ha! I forgot to tell you that there is a recent forum called “Softer, Slower Show Off Piece” that has some great recommendations that might be helpful to you.
    Warm thoughts,

    Zane Mallett on #189522

    A good quiet piece is Sonata in A Major, K.208 by Domenico Scarlatti.

    erin-wood on #189523

    I have played this piece by Gabriel Verdalle called Invocation. It is very nice and not too difficult.

    Alison on #189526

    Priere by Delmas is the only one I know which I used to play it as an interlude when I first resumed harp at about grade 5 difficulty level, ….. not too tricky, soothing, perhaps a little tame if played too slowly……

    brittany-deyoung–2 on #189576

    Thanks everyone! These are some great ideas. Too bad I can’t play all of them. LOL.

    (TIA = Thanks In Advance)

    Gretchen Cover on #189577

    Have you considered playing something with the church organist (if the church has a good organ/organist) as a “prayer” piece? Aria in Classic Style by Grandjany would be good. Please let us know what piece you select for the concert.

    balfour-knight on #189578

    I agree, Gretchen! I often play harp along with other musicians at my concerts, and when there is a good organist/organ, it can be very nice! Check out the harp-organ duets of Diane Bish and Susann McDonald.

    Best to you all,

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #189710

    My solo choices are pieces like obviously, Priere or Prelude by Hasselmans, Songs Without Words by Mendelssohn, the second and third of the Preludes Intimes by Salzedo, his Introspection or Quietude, or Offrande by Tournier.

    patricia-jaeger on #189776

    Gabriel Faure’s Requiem is now in public domain, and was composed for organ and harp and choir requiring many singers and soloists. Vanderbilt now carries a solo pedal harp version of that last part of the Requiem called In Paradisum which is reverent and slow, in their online catalog of music.

    balfour-knight on #189778

    Patricia, do you know if anyone has arranged or transcribed the Boellmann “Prayer” for solo harp, or harp and organ? (Please see my post earlier in this forum.) I played it in church yesterday and received many compliments! I just use the organ version for harp, but it has many accidentals to figure out, if you are just beginning to play this piece. A solo harp version all written out for the pedal harp would be great, if one exists!

    Have a great day, all of you,

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