What’s your favorite lever harp music?

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    unknown-user on #162551

    Hi All,

    I am looking to buy more lever harp music.

    Harper Cait on #162552

    Aryeh Frankfurter’s “Harper’s Brew”. (Which goes along with his amazing recording of the same name.)


    tony-morosco on #162553

    Right now I am having lots of fun with the following books of music for lever harp:

    Famous Arias by Puccini for Lever or Pedal Harp – Suzanne Balderston

    Traditional Tunes With a Twist – Verlene Shermer

    More Traditional Tunes With a Twist – Verlene Shermer

    Concerto en si bemol (Handel’s Bb Concerto) – O. LeDentu

    Baroque Music for the Harp – Deborah Friou

    American Classic Pop Vol. I and II – Ray Pool

    Andrew Lloyd Webber Arranged for Harp – Sylvia Woods

    donna-benier on #162554

    “new age” style music, very gentle and relaxing:
    Gentle Spirit – Barbara Seamann
    French Impressionists – William Mahan

    unknown-user on #162555

    The International Rhythmic Collections by Alfredo Rolando Ortiz.

    Both, Renaissance & Baroque Music Arranged by Deborah Friou


    unknown-user on #162556

    To Tony, what are the levels of the books you mentioned?

    unknown-user on #162557

    My teacher has put me onto the Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi who actually writes for the piano. I don’t think he is very well known in the US yet but his music is fabulous on the harp. It is pretty easy to play and very few lever changes yet sounds very complex. The book I have is the “Best of”:


    My favourite piece is “Passagio” from “Le Onde”. I know this is a UK site and doesn’t meet your criteria of ‘cheap’! But you get a lot of pieces in the book and I urge anyone who fancies something a bit different to give it a go. Jen

    unknown-user on #162558

    Bernard Andres has written a lot of music that works on lever harp and has interesting harmonies without a lot of lever changes. “Espices” vol. 1 and 2 are somewhat challenging and marvelous to play! One year when I played background music for a chocolate festival, I played “Vanilla” from this set – no one threw me out! 🙂

    For Paraguayan harp with challenging rhythms (even 8 against 3) – Alfredo Orlando Oritz, for Scottish – Alison Kinnaird. “Nataliana” by Deborah Henson-Conant has faster passages with arpeggios and such and is completely playable on lever harp.

    A little trick I learned when looking for music by composers I haven’t heard – or haven’t heard recently, is to look them up at amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com and find a CD with sample tracks you can listen to. I have not heard of Einaudi, but found a CD of his at Barnes and Noble with “Le Onde” played on piano. This link should take you there, but if not, just type in his name and it will probably come up. It’s a great little trick to see if you like a composer’s music or not before buying a score 🙂

    tony-morosco on #162559


    My best estimation of the levels of the music I listed would be:

    Famous Arias by Puccini for Lever or Pedal Harp – Intermediate to Advanced

    Traditional Tunes With a Twist – Intermediate with a few pieces that are advanced

    More Traditional Tunes With a Twist – Intermediate with a few pieces that are advanced

    Concerto en si bemol (Handel’s Bb Concerto) – Advanced

    Baroque Music for the Harp – Beginner to Intermediate

    American Classic Pop Vol. I and II – Intermediate

    Andrew Lloyd Webber Arranged for Harp – Intermediate

    With the Traditional Tunes With a Twist books some of the pieces I would consider advanced because of the complex rhythms.

    Trista Hill on #162560

    For those looking for the Einaudi book previously mentioned in this discussion, I found the book on sheetmusicplus.com for $35 plus $3 shipping.

    brook-boddie on #162561


    I recently discovered lever harp music by Kim Robertson.

    unknown-user on #162562

    Have enjoyed a recent gift: “52 Scottish Songs For All Harps”, arr Sylvia Woods.
    A good selection, plus there are two arr. for each piece: “easy” and “advanced” Playing both gives a nice progression and lengthens the piece!

    Also “Classics to Moderns” Books 1 and 2. Compiled and Edited; Denes Agay.These are written for piano, but are easy arrangements that sound good on my 30-string harp.

    unknown-user on #162563

    I just recently purchased some music online in the form of PDF from Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins.

    Shirley Starke on #162564

    You can find about 75 pieces

    Rachel on #162565

    For more complex music that is pushing the edge for lever harp, I like Laura Zaerr’s “The Living Tradition” and “Wondrous Rivers and Viewpoints” (the latter assumes full levers tuned in Eb I believe).

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